Every year, IDA opens up our land for the Idapalooza Fruit Jam music festival. This week-long event features queer and trans musicians from around the country, focusing on Southern culture and artists. We also hold workshops, theatrical performances, nature hikes, and try our best to have some good country fun.


Hundreds of people come for Idapalooza every year, and we’re thrilled to see so many radical queer communities converge in one place. The event costs Ida a huge amount of resources, so we ask those who can to contribute $25-$100 for registration as well as $20 each day for meal and camping expenses. If you’re interested in joining us this year, please make sure to read our annual update, posted below.





MAY 30th through JUNE 4th




It's another year at IDA and another request for you to bring your own damn mug to the Fruit Jam. Whether you're coming to the festival for the first time or returning for your tenth visit, we have lots of important updates for you to check out, so please keep reading!


This year's music is filling up fast and it promises to be one of our most exciting, sweaty, emotionally-draining shows ever. We're planning an art night, long slow jams for you and your sweethearts, hot jams, pop country radio blaring out of boomboxes, and all the surprises and DIY art we know you'll bring along. The full line-up for this year's festival will be announced on the website soon.


What we don't have yet is, oh yeah, more workshops! And daytime activities. And weirdo entertaining things you can all do to fill the afternoon. If you want to teach other people about the radical organizing in your neck of the woods, put together a drawing circle, organize a marching band, or anything else, then do it! You can email us at idapalooza@gmail.com to get some help, or you can just go ahead and do it on your own. All ridiculousness encouraged.


There is also always space for more volunteers. Many of you volunteer in the kitchen, the trash crew, and other exciting jobs once you show up for the festival. If you're someone who is coming early or staying late, we assume that means you are here to help-- just make sure that you let us know that is the case through email or a phone call. And if you're someone who wants to take on a big role (parking, anyone?), get in touch with us and we'll be thrilled to set that up. Major organizing gigs are best left for people who have been to the festival at least once or twice in the past.


LoGiSticALly SPeAkinG, how are you going to get here? If yr flying or taking a train, please schedule around our twice daily pick-ups in Nashville, at 1pm and 8pm. If you miss the pick-up, you might well have to spend the night  in the city(sorry!). There's also a commuter train to Lebanon, which is 50 minutes away from IDA. Commuter Train Tickets and Schedule (Unfortunately, the commuter train does not serve the airport.)


If yr driving, you can do us a huge favor by making use of our  ride share board. Who doesn't want to make a new friend and cut down on the massive amount of cars we have to deal with? Along those lines, don't forget to pick up all the supplies you'll need (we're thinking of your drinks and your cigarettes and your flashlights and all that) before you show up at the festival, as getting to town can be a pain in the ass.


Do you have a dog? That's great. Leave it at home.


Once you get here without your dog, the fun will start. We'll provide you with three vegetarian meals a day, point you toward a spot to pitch your tent, ask you for money to help cover our growing costs and help out a little with the mortgage ($25-100 to register, $25+ per day for food and other costs, and of course, no one turned away for lack of funds), and encourage you to have a gay old time.


Finally, we want to encourage you to help us maintain the wonderful relationships we have with our neighbors. We've spent years developing friendships with our neighbors down Dry Creek and in town, and we hope that you'll contribute to that experience. This means driving the speed limit, staying friendly, and refraining from any illegal activity. Most Idapalooza attendees stand out while in town, so it's especially important that we maintain the friendly relationships we've had for almost twenty years. It's an exciting opportunity to form close relationships with people who might have different lifestyles than you do, and we hope to continue doing so for years to come.


For those of you driving, you can get directions here: Ida Directions




Pre-Registration Form


See you soon!        The Idahoes